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ORAL - Güntsch

The SYNTHESYS Annotation System for Collection and Observation Data'; A. Güntsch & W. Berendsohn - Germany

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Oct 02, 2007
from 03:45 PM to 04:00 PM

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Over the last ten years, the biodiversity informatics community has built a number of international data networks providing open access to massive amounts of collection and observational records according to varying thematic foci. Although portal systems for retrieval of primary occurrence data have improved significantly, a convincing model for annotating records and returning scientific results and data corrections to the collection or database holders does not exist. In the context of the European Union 6th framework project SYNTHESYS, a new annotation system has been prototyped and linked to the SYNTHESYS portal for European biodiversity. Users who wish to contribute annotations have to first sign in to receive a username and a password. Annotations are made in the raw XML document belonging to the collection or observation object to be annotated. Thus, the annotation is clearly associated with the annotated concept (e.g. identification or collection site). Finally, the annotated document is stored in a subversion system (svn) and made accessible on the World Wide Web. Additionally, annotations are cyclically sent back to data providers as XML files. The system is generic with regard to the data standard in use and works with the ABCD standard (Access to Biological Collection Data) as well as various flavours of Darwin Core. Further developments of the system will focus on user-friendly data entry forms hiding the underlying XML documents, as well as on software supporting automated re-import of annotated XML-documents into the provider database.

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